Our province’s health and community services sectors play a critical role in the health and well-being of Nova Scotians, and combined are the largest employer group in the province.

But did you know that workers in these sectors are more likely to be injured on the job than any other type of worker? Accounting for 20 per cent of total assessable payroll, the health and community service sectors account for almost 30 per cent of time-loss claims to WCB Nova Scotia. That means three out of ten time-loss claims originate in these sectors.

Due to the size of these sectors, a high rate of work-related injuries and illnesses could be prevented. There is also increased risk and impact on quality of care outcomes if nothing is done. Led by AWARE –NS, the Departments of Health and Wellness, Labour and Advanced Education, and Community Services, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, IWK Health Centre, and WCB Nova Scotia are working together with employers and organized labour to develop a five-year action plan.

The Workplace Safety Action Plan for Nova Scotia’s Health and Community Services Sectors will focus on improving occupational health and safety outcomes specifically for home care, long-term care, and community services sectors.

Knowing that these work environments are very complex, extensive research was conducted and stakeholder engagement sessions were undertaken to better understand what causes injuries, and how we can work together to identify opportunities to prevent injuries from occurring.

We all share the same vision for a safer system, for workers, patients, clients, and residents. Through education, collaboration, and a willingness to look at things differently, change is possible.

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