A Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work (SAW/RTW) program helps to improve health outcomes for injured/ill employees, increases the likelihood of employee returning back to the work force on a full time basis, and reduces costs for the company. Employee involvement and cooperation is vital for the success of the SAW/RTW program. Organizations must be committed to the implementation of an effective SAW/RTW program for employees with injuries/illnesses that is designed to help those employees return to meaningful, productive employment. Stay at Work planning is directed at those individuals who have sustained a minor injury/illness and do not need to lose time from work, but may benefit from temporary transitional work modifications. Return to Work planning is directed at those individuals who have lost time from work due to an injury/illness and need to be re-introduced back into the workplace. Organizations should make every effort to provide the employee with transitional duties when they are unable to do the essential duties of their pre-injury/illness job.

We recognize the importance of ensuring that employees are supported through a health-related absence due to illness or injury by:

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Section 10 – Program Tool

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